Battery Replacements and Repairs in Hoover, AL

Benton Nissan of Hoover, AL Favorite New and Battery Replacements

When it comes to maintenance for your Nissan, monitoring your battery is crucial. The battery is the lifeline of the car, and a dead battery is equivalent to having no car. If you want to keep your Nissan ready for any adventure and want to have proper battery maintenance done, then come to Benton Nissan of Hoover’s Service Center. Located at 1640 Montgomery Hwy, Benton Nissan of Hoover serves beautiful Birmingham, Alabama. Bring your Nissan in to get a battery inspection, diagnosis, or replacement for a fair price. The highly trained staff at Benton Nissan will ensure that the old battery is recycled and a new battery installed so you won’t miss a beat in your day! We also service alternators, replace alternator belts, and service and maintain all hybrid and EV battery packs and electric motors.

Serving: Birmingham, AL

Benton Nissan of Hoover is located in Hoover, AL and serves Birmingham, AL. Benton Nissan of Hoover delivers excellence in customer service, and will do what they can to get you a Nissan today! If your battery needs replacements and servicing then come to Benton Nissan, don’t go to a 3rd party garage.